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Research Partners 

Scientific excellence is at the core of everything we do. We have a team of highly-motivated and experienced professionals and work with a range of partners in both the private sector and academic fields.

Academic collaborators are selected based on their specific therapeutic area of expertise, the potential of their intramural collaborative network and their technological resources. With their complementary and interlinked research projects on the different aspects of pain (e.g. in neurology, immunology and oncology), we believe that these collaborations not only deliver short term value in screening cannabinoid derivatives but provide novel mechanistic insights that enable indication prioritisation and research innovation, thus strengthening the Group’s intellectual property landscape.

In addition to a network of well-regarded organisations with expertise in cannabinoid drug development, OCT intends to expand its global network of leading research partners to drive long-term value. Given the importance of chemistry, manufacturing and controls (“CMC”) in the overall drug development programme, the Group has also identified and entered into agreements with organisations to support its manufacturing and development processes.