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Research & Development

There is an increasing body of evidence showing the strong medical potential of cannabinoids. OCT evaluates different compounds for medical potential, ranging from proprietary derivative cannabinoid compounds, unmodified natural compounds (e.g. phytocannabinoids) and off-patent compounds that can be developed for rare diseases. These compounds are screened across a number of assays, with promising results taken into subsequent development.

OCT is developing synthetic molecules and phytocannabinoids to treat diseases and conditions in four therapeutic areas: oncology, pain, neurology and immunology. The company’s lead compound, OCT461201, is in development for inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) and other indications. OCT has also developed an extensive library of proprietary cannabinoid derivative compounds that harness the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids while improving on key characteristics. 

We are constantly looking to expand our pipeline – if you are interested in partnering on a cannabinoid-based project, please contact us.