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Programme 1 – OCT461201: In-licensed compound

  • Pre-clinical development underway, initially targeting neuropathic and visceral pain
  • Aim to begin Phase 1 in Q1 2023
  • Advanced by Evotec

OCT461201 is being tested in multiple translational models of both neuropathic and visceral pain.

Potential indications

  • A first-in-class treatment for chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuralgia (CIPN).  On average, an estimated 60% of people undergoing chemotherapy are affected by CIPN after 3 months[1].  The hallmarks of CIPN are pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities.  CIPN can be progressive, enduring, often irreversible, leading to many years of debilitation and suffering[2].  
  • OCT461201 will also be tested in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Cases of IBS in the US in 2020 reached 17,000,000.  In the UK this figure was nearly 6 million.[3]

Most recently a pre-clinical study of OCT461201, showed a successful reduction in CIPN induced pain.  Other studies have shown the potential for cannabis in treating IBS-type pain.    These studies have been done with cannabis extracts.  Our drug candidate for IBS and CIPN exploits the same receptor targeted by some natural cannabis extracts, but it is chemically modified to ensure that it effectively and exclusively binds to the key receptor (CB2) in the nerves and immune cells that contribute to controlling the pain response, and it will do this in the same way every time a patient takes it.


[1] Yang et al. J Exp Clin Cancer Res (2021) 40:331

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