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Cannabinoid Derivative Library

OCT holds a library of proprietary and unique cannabinoid derivative compounds. Since 2018 the library has grown, and currently comprises 93 cannabinoid compounds. The medicinal chemistry strategy for this library was devised to confer advantages over pCBs including patentability and improved stability, metabolic half-life and bioavailability. Preliminary data from a selection of the Group’s derivatives suggests that this library contains compounds that are active in a pain model.

We plan to acquire up to 100 high-grade manufactured pCBs and other ancillary molecules such as terpenes and flavonoids from commercial suppliers other than OAG. These natural occurring molecules would be tested in combination with OCT’s exclusive cannabinoid library, with the aim of evaluating the synergy between improved pharmacological properties of the library and the potential ‘entourage effect’ of unmodified molecules. Rounds of reiteration of computer-aided experiment design will be used to reduce the size and the length of the in vitro experimental screening, while maximising the chance of discovering synergisms in the tested combinations.

Preclinical development of a library of drug candidates is planned for 2023, with the aim of reaching the first clinical phase by the first quarter of 2024.