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OCTP is a well-established, innovative and growing pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of next generation prescription cannabinoid medicines for approval by key medicines regulatory agencies worldwide and targeting the multi-billion dollar pain market

What Makes Us Different?



Proven Pathway

The combined experience and expertise of the OCTP Board and senior management team has enabled the Company to build a pharmaceutical company with a robust pipeline of next generation cannabinoid medicines and a growing network of commercial and academic partners.

Since its foundation in 2017, OCTP has combined innovation with technical expertise to develop a “fast-track” drug development strategy. This approach lowers both developmental risk and costs, and shortens the timeframe to commercialisation without compromising on the crucial   safety   and efficacy testing required for regulatory approval.

OCT is a well-established, pharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of next generation cannabinoid prescription medicines targeting chronic and severe pain conditions. OCT’s drug candidates are being developed as government licensed medicines   that    can    be    prescribed    by physicians and reimbursed by insurers.